Tips for giving private guitar lessons

Tips for giving private guitar lessons
Learning to play an instrument can be complicated and frustrating if you don’t follow a proper program, you have to learn theory and also practice. Luckily, if the student is motivated, it’s much easier. That is your mission as a teacher. Today we explain you several tricks for giving private guitar lesson San Diego .

Guitar lessons are one of those cases in which the place where they are given is very important. You need a quiet space and, if you make a lot of noise, you can disturb the neighbours. It’s key to play without interruptions.

Not only are there different levels of students, there are also different tastes in music and, therefore, in the guitar.

The other factor is the adaptation to the student’s level. There are beginners who have not played a guitar in their life, there are others who know some techniques but lack hours. The question is that you adapt to their rhythm so that it improves.

Tricks for giving private guitar lessons

If you are a guitar teacher here are some tips to help your students learn faster and get better results.

Personalize the classes as much as you can. If you teach them to play subjects that the students like, you will make them learn more at ease. One of the tricks for giving private guitar lessons is to empathize with them.

Obviously, there is nothing worse than learning to play songs that are not your favorite, there will be classics you should know, but having fun is the key to learning to play.

Offer notes You must give them as much information as possible. Both online and in physical format like paper. You can give them guides with chords, scores/tablatures of songs, types of strumming techniques, etc.

Having a youtube channel with some explained lessons is one of the best tricks to give private guitar lessons. So the student can continue the classes from home.

Essential Tuner at all levels. The real cracks do it by ear but it is always good to have an application or a device on the mobile so that the guitar always sounds perfect for the student to identify its sound.

To master the guitar you have to dedicate hours of practice to it. That is why it is essential that you encourage the student to continue playing. Congratulate them on their progress and make them have a good time in class, evaluate each step they take and don’t get frustrated because they don’t learn. As a teacher, it is your duty to motivate students.

You can write to him by whatsapp, keep in touch with him even if you only have one class a week, so he will not forget and will be more involved.

Go beyond the classroom One way to motivate the student and get him or her involved is for him or her to learn beyond the classroom. Go to concerts and rehearsals, introduce other musicians, soak up the atmosphere, the process when preparing a performance.

We hope we have helped you and, above all, encouraged you. If you are a teacher, you can always give private guitar lessons at TeachApp.

What about you, are you a guitar teacher? Have these tips helped you? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.


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