In principle, considering all these things will lead us to a clearer conclusion as to whether it really pays us to buy or rent, as most people who buy a camera do not have a clear objective and end up making a very large investment that will take a long time to pay off, it is important to realize that in many cases is confused the price of camera rental San Diego equipment with what your work is worth, and you make an offer for the two services together when each has a value.

This has a very negative influence on our sector, as truly qualified professionals who do not have so much money to make such a high investment find themselves with fewer job opportunities.

Here are 8 reasons that will make you wonder if you really need to buy a digital cinema camera.

You don’t need to have a camera worth 40,000 € to be able to work, you won’t be hired more and lowering market prices so much by making packs greatly affects your environment bear in mind that soon your camera will be out of date.
The cameras do not work alone, they carry many accessories without which it is impossible for them to work and which raise their price.
Due to its complex operation can give numerous errors and have a configuration process, so it is necessary to know and have a few days of check prior to recording.

If you rent the normal thing is to make sure that you are going to have a technical personnel, someone professional that knows the material and that is going to help you to have it prepared and I aim for the shooting.
If you have any problem in the shooting you know that the rental company will have no problem in helping you, and if the camera does not yield you would provide one instead, you are not going to stay without recording.
The problems and repairs that you have to assume, which are usually frequent, will mean a time out of the material, even if you do not have to pay the expenses, indirectly during that time you will have to have a plan B.
If you buy a camera you have to think that thanks to the rapid evolution of the technology before you get performance from the camera you will have been left behind, or you will have to continue investing with updates and so on.
You have to know that depending on the type of work you do varies the type of camera and accessories you need, if they are more documentaries, reports, movies, series, advertising, corporate videos, music … There are some productions that can go with cheaper cameras such as Black Magic or Canon, but if we find more budget products that need more quality and high performance our choice would be some ARRI or RED camera, as ARRI ALEXA or RED WEAPON HELIUM to 8k, if what the customer is looking for you can not offer, having only that material limits your work options.

As a clear conclusion we have seen that the features offered by this type of materials justify its high price, which makes the rental the most demanded option if what you need is quality and fluidity in the workflow for your project because it always goes very tight with the timing in shooting and you can not risk choosing a digital cinema camera that leaves you lying and does not meet customer expectations.

The professional equipment that you can find in rental houses as well as technical advice are prepared to overcome extreme weather conditions and be very resilient as many different people will make use of them. There they will propose you different options for your filming.

Regarding the optics, you usually have the complete sets at your disposal and you make sure to have them calibrated so that they complement perfectly with the camera and the rest of the many accessories that are necessary in this department so important and decisive in the final result of your project.

After this post we want you to really evaluate the situation and if it is really profitable for you to make such investments, not only in the camera but in everything that a shoot technically in this department needs and knowing that in a few months a thousand new features will have been introduced in the sector and you can not be left behind.

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