Cities where autonomous vehicles are tested

Autonomous vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. This future is already happening before our very eyes – in many countries around the world, from the Netherlands to China, tests are being carried out on self-propelled buses that carry passengers at low speeds on designated routes.


As part of the European City Mobil 2 project in the 80,000th city of Trikala in Greece, we can currently meet 4 car buses. Each of them is able to take 10 passengers on board. Vehicles run on the designated route at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Apart from Greece, Italy (Milan), Spain (Leon), France (La Rochelle) and Finland (Vantaa) participate in the program.


For 6 months of this year (from January to June) 6 autonomous buses Easy Mile EZ-10 were running on the route: metro station – university campus in Lausanne, distributing students and professors. No accidents were reported during the tests. The transport system used the existing road infrastructure, and the route was about 2.3 km long and ran within the area of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.


China’s leading bus manufacturer Yutong presented a prototype of an autonomous bus, which the Chinese immediately tested. The passenger-filled bus covered a 30 km route in the city of Zhengzhou, passed other vehicles on the road and changed lanes on its own. At times he was driving at a speed of 70 km/h. There was a driver on board, but his role was limited to observing traffic and posing for photos.

Soon a 17-minute drive between Wageningen and Ede in the Netherlands will be possible in autonomous vehicles called WEpods. The buses, which are a modified version of EasyMile vehicles, will start the test course in November this year. The Dutch, however, do not like risk, just as the Chinese and the 6-person bus will not drive in rush hour, at night or in bad weather.

Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes, UK, there are plans to launch a line of 2-person autonomous vehicles that will allow residents to travel between any point in the city. LUTZ Pathfinder, as the vehicle is called, is to be taken off the road in 2018 at the latest.


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